Event Lettering

Most of us don’t get a lot of tangible mail from loved ones anymore, so when we do, it’s usually a big moment.

A special party or reunion. A new baby. A wedding. A fundraiser. A book launch. A house-warming or going away party.

Hand-lettered envelopes emphasize the intimacy of being invited into our friends’ and family’s most meaningful moments, the privilege that it is to share our lives with each other.

Following up a hand-lettered envelope with handmade event signage – be it rustic pallets or friendly chalkboards or elegant glass – can add a sense of intimacy and personality to events you have crafted just for your unique community of loved ones.

This is lettering work I’m proud to do.

To include hand-lettered envelopes, event signage, table numbers, escort cards, menus, buffet labels, and anything else you can imagine in your event, visit the Contact page to share your vision and receive an estimate.

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